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Prana Well Being Massage

Prana Well Being Massage

Prana Well-Being massage is a relaxing massage that delivers eastern and western massage techniques using medium pressure. Your therapist will deliver a massage that will induce a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation. You can choose a 45 minute back, neck and scalp treatment or a 1 hour full body massage.

What does a Prana Wellbeing Massage involve?

Your therapist will personalise the massage for you after a consultation that will determine your needs and specific goals. A blend of relaxing essential oils ie geranium, ylang, ylang, lavender are blended to rebalance your body and mind.


Who is a Prana Wellbeing Massage suitable for?

Anyone that just wants a skilled massage and feel relaxed and pampered afterwards.

What are the benefits of a Prana Wellbeing Massage?

You will feel really nurtured and emotionally calm and serene.