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Reiki was discovered in japan thousands of years ago by Dr Usui and has stood the test of time. By far the most beneficial treatment for dealing with stress related issues.


How does Reiki Work?

Reiki is an intelligent energy form that can be given by distance, through clothes, and has the capacity to travel to the root cause of the problem and treat it, whether it is physical or emotional. The effectiveness of Reiki depends on the severity of blocks that it has to remove and also the Reiki therapist. A reiki master is likely to deliver a more powerful treatment than a Reiki 1 trained therapist.

What does Reiki involve?

Reiki is conducted through clothes by the placing of hands on key energy points in the body. This ancient therapy aims to release blocks in the body’s energy system, to allow it to restore its natural balance. For a life-changing experience, book one of Healing Hands’ highly experienced Reiki masters.

Who is Reiki suitable for?

Anyone who is open to Reiki can have Reiki.
The saying “ the teacher appears when the student is ready, is really the case with reiki. When you are ready for the treatment you will be somehow be drawn to book the reiki treatment and end up receiving a session from a Reiki therapist that is ideal for you.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki can remove your mental and physical blocks so that the body can heal itself. Having Reiki is a calming experience that will stay with you for days. Having Reiki can open up your spiritual channels so that you connect to your mind, body and soul better. Many physical and mental issues can be treated successfully with a course of treatments.