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Semi-Permanent Make-up

Semi-Permanent Make-up

Imagine waking up with perfect make-up, never having to apply eyeliner, or pencil eyebrows. Step out of the shower, emerge from the pool or the gym with your eyebrows perfectly in place.

Semi-permanent make-up eliminates the chore of having to apply, reapply, and remove your make-up every day, and it will always look professionally applied.

What does Semi-Permanent eyebrow procedure involve?

A thorough consultation is done by Daksha to determine the colour and shape and which technique would be best suited to give you the desired result. A topical anesthetic emla is applied first to numb the skin and then a natural pigment is tattooed into the dermal layer of the skin lasting up to three years. A touch up may be necessary after 1 month to achieve the desired result.

What are the different techniques available?

If you prefer a natural look the feathered technique in a softer colour is recommended and if you like a strong defined look like the latest HD eyebrow look, a darker colour and block technique looks best. We can achieve whatever look you desire.

What pigment is used in the Semi-Permanent Make-up?

The pigment is made of a natural iron oxide. It is hypo-allergic, and there are no fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added. Your preferred colour is implanted into a lower layer of the skin, where it remains for up to 3 years. The pigments we use are non-reactive and virtually limitless in the choice of colour available. This make-up is perfectly safe and has been approved by doctors and reviewed favourably by many respected beauty writers.

What does Semi-Permanent eyeliner procedure involve?

A topical anesthetic suitable for the delicate eye area is applied to numb the skin and make the procedure more comfortable. A black pigment is applied very close to the lashes to give definition to your eyes. Your lashes will appear to be thicker. Colour and thickness can be individualised to suit your taste.

Who is the semi-Permanent eyebrows suitable for?

If your eyebrows are sparse from tweezing, shaving or alopecia, or if your brows are blonde or light in colour, you can now enjoy the luxury of natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrows.

Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and face, and when designed properly, can lift the eyes to give a more youthful appearance, make the cheekbones appear more prominent.

Does Semi-Permanent Make-up hurt?

There is usually minimal discomfort. We use topical anaesthetics to greatly reduce discomfort and promote a comfortable procedure. Some clients feel absolutely nothing except a prickly sensation.

How long does Semi-Permanent Make-up last?

This varies with each individual person, the quality of the skin has a major impact on how long the procedure lasts. Poor skin types such as sun damaged, thin, fragile skins does not hold the pigment as long, a touch up is required to refresh the pigment within 2 years, however it lasts just over 3 years on healthy skin types.

Is there a chance of infection?

Safety is our priority. A healing cream and aftercare instructions are given to avoid any such risk.

At all times, we adhere to the strictest sterilisation procedures; only new, sterile, disposable needles, which are opened in front of each client, are used for complete safety.

How long does Semi-Permanent Make-up take to heal?

Between four and seven days – also depends on your skintype, a sensitive skin could take 7 days whilst a healthy skin could take around 4 days. .

What is the healing period like?

On the day of the procedure the skin may feel tender, a few days after it feels tight and may flake a little During this time the pigment area may look darker than the colour you decided upon – once the excess pigment comes off, it will lighten by up to 30%.

Does Semi-Permanent Make-up look natural?

Very natural – the feathered technique looks like your natural hairs, even your friends will never know the difference unless you tell them.

How soon can I go out?

Immediately! The colour may appear a little darker than usual for the first few days, but most people love the result and very few hide away for a few days.